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Install Mesmer CLI
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Quick start

To get started using the CLI, first, sign in to your Mesmer tenant with an email and password:

# If the URL of your web console looks like :
$ mesmer auth login

─── Sign In
    Password [hidden]: [hidden]

 ✓  Authenticated as William Goodall

Once you've created a project and uploaded your first build through the web UI, you can tie your working directory to a Mesmer project with mesmer init:

# Show a project picker, and create a `.mesmer.yml` file in the
# current directory with the project and tenant you choose.
$ mesmer init
Select a project: Calculator
 ✓  Created `.mesmer.yml` in "/your/working/directory"

This will create a file, .mesmer.yml, in the current directory. Any time you run mesmer from inside this directory, it'll pick up the right tenant and project ID. It's intended that you check this file in to Git, and version it alongside your app's code.

Check everything works, with mesmer project describe:

$ mesmer project describe
Name ..... Calculator
Type ..... Android
Package ..

 Project ID  5ee00107f73ce45ba4d041e8

Then, you're pretty much off to the races. Check out the guides section for some useful recipes, and the command reference for detailed documentation on each subcommand.