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mesmer version

Manage versioning and updates.

mesmer version#

Print information about the currently-installed release of the Mesmer CLI.

$ mesmer versionApplication versionVersion .... 0.3.0Tag ........ v0.3.0Commit ..... b88d94df6d824c40c93263c97967623ba2fab375Timestamp .. 2020-06-17T03:02:12+00:00Dirty? ..... false
Build ConfigurationEnabled features .. [none]Build Profile ..... releaseBuild Target ...... x86_64-pc-windows-msvcRustc Version ..... rustc 1.44.0 (49cae5576 2020-06-01)

mesmer version update#

Upgrade the CLI to the latest release. This works regardless of where you've installed the CLI---it downloads the new binary, and simply swaps it out for the old one on disk. The binaries are relatively small (roughly ~10MB or thereabouts), so this only takes a few seconds on a decent internet connection.

$ time mesmer version update โœ“  An update is available:    Installed ....... 0.2.1    Latest Release .. 0.3.0 โœ“  Downloaded new release โœ“  Installed new release
real    0m0.423s   # it's pretty quick!user    0m0.046ssys 0m0.131s
$ mesmer versionApplication versionVersion .... 0.3.0...etc...

You can force an update (re-installing even if you're not out of date) by passing the --force flag. This works well with the --from $MANIFEST_URL flag, which can direct the CLI to fetch an update from somewhere other than the latest official release. It's probably a good idea to only use this if directed to by support.

The CLI will also bug you if your version is out of date, showing a warning printed after each command's output:

 โš ๏ธ   CLI update available: run `mesmer version update` to install v0.3.0

You can get rid of this warning by updating.