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mesmer init

Initialize a project in the current directory.

mesmer init#

For each project, mesmer init will create a file named .mesmer.yml, in the current directory, containing tenant and project IDs. This is intended to be checked in to version control, and versioned alongside your app's code.

To set up a project in the current directory, run mesmer init, passing the tenant and project IDs:

# Initialize a project by selecting it interactively$ mesmer initSelect a tenant:> a project:  Calculator  Contacts> Chrome  Calculator  TestApp  Musicโœ“  Created Mesmer project in "/home/wgoodall01/Dev"
# Reset by removing the project file$ rm .mesmer.yml
# Initialize a project literally$ mesmer --tenant --project $PROJECT_ID init โœ“  Created Mesmer project in "/your/working/directory"
# Look at the config file created$ cat .mesmer.yml---tenantUrl: $PROJECT_ID

This sets up the project configuration, so later invocations in this directory know what tenant and project you're talking about.