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mesmer build

Upload, manage, list, and delete builds.

mesmer build upload#

You can upload application binaries (in .apk, .ipa, or .zip format) here:

# Upload `binary.apk` to the current project$ mesmer build upload binary.apk โœ“  Uploaded buildPackage Identifier .. ................ APK
            Build ID  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
# At the moment, `.app` files aren't supported$ mesmer build upload example.appError: Unsupported build format: '.app' bundleTry uploading an .apk, .ipa, or .zip file instead

mesmer build describe#

Given a build ID, you can get more detailed info about that build, including the ID of its most recent crawl:

# Describe that build$ mesmer build describe $build_idName .............. CalculatorPackage ........... Name ....... calculator.apkType .............. APKCrawl completed? .. true
        Last Crawl  bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
# Get more detailed information as JSON$ mesmer -j build describe $build_id{  "_id": "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa",  "name": "Calculator",  "createdAt": "2020-06-11T04:16:06.751Z",  "updatedAt": "2020-06-16T14:17:10.305Z",  "version": "7.8 (271241277)",  "versionLong": "78000303",  "package": "",  "type": "APK",  ... etc ...}

mesmer build list#

You can list all the builds in the current project with mesmer build list:

# List all builds$ mesmer build listBuild ID                 Version    Crawl Done? Test Datexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000302   false       Wed, 17 Jun 2020 23:58:38 +0000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000301   false       Tue, 16 Jun 2020 19:34:52 +0000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000300   false       Tue, 16 Jun 2020 02:05:21 +0000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000299   true        Thu, 11 Jun 2020 04:16:06 +0000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000298   true        Wed, 10 Jun 2020 14:53:44 +0000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000297   false       Wed, 10 Jun 2020 01:11:45 +0000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000296   true        Tue, 09 Jun 2020 21:42:26 +0000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 78000295   true        Tue, 09 Jun 2020 21:37:02 +0000

Again, you can use --json to get a bunch more detailed information here.

mesmer build delete#

You can delete a build with mesmer build delete. This will stop any ongoing tasks, remove all past crawls, and finally, delete the build from your project.

$ mesmer build delete $build_id โœ“  Ongoing tasks stopped โœ“  No past crawls to remove โœ“  Build deleted